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Moffatt Media (M&M), LLC, was established on December 28, 2018

Moffatt Media (M&M), was formed out of witnessing other major media outlets not actually providing fair, balanced, accurate reporting, rather regurgitating and reporting only opinionated, claimed news.
When Moffatt Media (M&M) reports news by way of Online Media Coverage, Press Releases, Articles, Videos, Blogs … we put on our Investigative reporting hats and fact gather in dark places where many dare not to venture.

We serve private and public sector clients regardless of size.

Moffatt Media (M&M) is a unique and trusted news media company aiming to provide comprehensive news reports associated with “RealTalk-RealFacts!“

Star Moffatt

star moffatt

“Moffatt Media” Founder and CEO, (Investigative Journalist), Certified Paralegal, Co-Owner of Moffatt Law Firm, Former / First Minority “Top Two” California Senate Candidate District 21

Mailing Address: 468 N. Camden Drive, Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA  90210

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