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Noose Hung now “Leaked” Sheriff’s Report Los Angeles County – reveals White Woman intentionally fabricated incitement of words claiming victim attacked by two Black Males


(Press Release Tribute – Emmett Louis Till)
By Moffatt Media Staff, Palmdale, California
Updated 8/28/2021, Saturday

“Noose Hung” now “Leaked” Sheriff’s Report Los Angeles County – reveals White Woman intentionally fabricated incitement of words – claiming victim attacked by two Black Males.

20th Century “Noose Hung.”    Question now becomes whether the incitement words used by just one White Woman, could send two Black Males to Prison?

The White Woman claimed Choked one day by a Black Male,  the next day Assaulted with a Deadly Weapon by another Black Male; and Where’s the Weapon?

Sadly the return of open racism, seems to be rearing its “Ugly Racist Head,” again and this time taking place within the City of Lancaster, California, a case based on one White Woman’s fabricated incitement words, alleged against two Black Males!

The White Woman’s incitement fabricated words were found in a “Leaked” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Exempted Report,” now made into a Court public record June 9, 2021.

See California Superior Court, Case No. 19STCV30315, Michael Antonovich Courthouse, Lancaster California, this Case was filed by the White Woman and her California Lawyer, with malicious intent to result in fake criminal prosecution against a third person by using a White Male’s name, with entirely wrong description of the White Male.

The White woman and her California (CA) Lawyer intentionally camouflaged a civil complaint, arguing a state law code that corresponds with California Criminal Felony Penal Codes 240/242 Assault and Battery, with penalty of imprisonment, fines or both.

The White Woman’s California Lawyer (“Court Officer”), currently under 94 Felony Criminal Count Indictment out on Bail, for alleged $22 Million insurance fraud  scams, committed against various insurance companies, White Collar Crimes …


State of California Bar  gives only a “Consumer Alert,” regarding White Woman’s Lawyer listed above and are Ganong’s actions representative with the State Bar of California?

Day #1:   White Woman Jolena Halstead claimed she is a victim and was violently choked by a “Black male” on November 2, 2017.

Day #2:   Next day the same White Woman Jolena Halstead claimed to be a victim again and accused now second “Black male” of committing a violent offense: Assault with a Deadly Weapon against her person in the “Leaked” Sheriff’s Report dated November 3, 2017.

However, instead of White Woman Jolena Halstead, giving names of two suspected Black Males, she then uses the name of another male, this time being now a White Male, with entirely wrong description for the fabricated incident November 3, 2017.

Hence, “Leaked” Sheriff’s Report dated November 3, 2017, put into a court public record on June 9, 2021, moved in as an Exhibit by the White Woman and her California (CA) Lawyer, said in pertinent part:  “Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Suspect Black Male.   Suspect dragged White Woman out of her bedroom and using all his momentum and force, pushed her down the second floor staircase.” …

Amazingly, the “Leaked” Sheriff’s Report dated November 3, 2017, omits what weapon was used and where the supposed deadly weapon was committed against White Woman Jolena Halstead, by second suspect “Black Male?”

The 20th Century racist White Woman Jolena Halstead statements were nothing more than feeble fabricated statements conjured in her head due to a history of Meth and Marijuana drug abuse.

Sadly a confidential source said, instead of the White Woman Jolena Halstead, paying her rent when due, she decided to use it towards purchasing illegal street drugs.   Halstead also needed to come up with a stall tactic why didn’t have money now to pay for her housing.

July 2, 2021, Family Spokeswoman in a Bi-Racial Marriage with the White Male, has since demanded, that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s File Criminal Perjury charges against White Woman named: Jolena Halstead and her CA Lawyer Philip W. Ganong, for filing a fabricated “Leaked” Sheriff’s Report, with the Court on June 9, 2021.

“There has to be a measure of accountability,” for committing Perjury against the State, Court, Public, two Black Males and a White Male. …

Family Spokeswoman hopes Los Angeles County Sheriff’s will do the right thing, remove its “Leaked” Exempted “Incident Report” dated November 3, 2017, from the Court public record at Michael Antonovich Courthouse.

July 6, 2021, Family Spokeswoman concluded by saying, even though her family’s origins are from the deep south of Tuskegee Alabama, where segregated schools existed during the Jim Crow era, they were still taught to be color blinded and love your neighbor like you love yourself.

The Family Spokeswoman was even proud to admit that her Grandfather and Father were both Deputy Sheriff’s serving a total 13 years during some of the most horrific times in Deep South Alabama.

A public apology is paramount to be made by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s, because someone within its own agency “Leaked” Sheriff’s Exempted fabricated “Incident Report,” dated November 3, 2017, on June 9, 2021, filed into a court public record.

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