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Non-binary Trend – Humor

Sometimes “Moffatt Media” needs to have a little humor.

So let’s begin:

The peer pressures we encounter as children and adults, and the expectations society as a whole place on us is enough to endure. Then along comes the Non-binary trend. That is what I call it, “The Non-binary trend.” It does seem like a trend because although gays and lesbians have been around since the dawn of time it was not, in-our-faces.   

It was not forced on people back then as it is today.  So, what gives? Why all of the fuss?  Why is the LGBTQIA+ society so hell bent on acceptance, haven’t people already accepted them for who they are? 

I say it is a ‘trend’ because that is exactly what trends are: they come and then they go, just like the ugly brown corduroy jeans did in the 70’s, the novelty wore off.

I am not attacking the LGBTQIA+ society as a whole, actually, I am trying to understand it. Nevertheless, the world is changing and people everywhere are demanding conformity.  But where is the ‘line in the sand’ drawn?  How do we, who do not understand the uttering of pronouns, acclimate to this paradigm?  It is all too confusing. “Them, They, Their,” compared to ‘He’ and ‘She’ or ‘Her’ and ‘Him’ etc., is again, confusing. And with ‘confusion,’ chaos ensues; and it is apparent the world is in chaos. 

Diving down the rabbit hole of confusion I have made a few discoveries regarding Non-binary.  I have learned that Non-binary is not a catch-all phrase for each ‘gender preference’ of LGBTQIA+ folks.   For example, the word “gender” comes to mind, and frankly, I have my own version of what (I think) ‘gender’ means but, it widely conflicts with what it means to most of the LGBTQIA+ folks.

There is information on the internet that explain the “Non-binary.” I thought Non-binary was a catch-all phrase for males and females whom do not fit the in the (male/female) binary. E.g., I learned that “Non-binary” and “genderfluid” are not the same thing, nor are they mutually exclusive.

Then we have the transgender folks: Apparently, “transgender” is the umbrella word for people who do not ‘identify’ with the gender that was ‘assigned’ to them at birth.  Myself, I would think that a persons’ ‘gender’ is God Given.  Or, in case you are an atheist then one might say that your ‘gender’ was ‘universe given.’  Either way, genders are not ‘assigned’ I mean really, by whom, a doctor?  Well, there are current stories circulating now of [actual] doctors that ARE “assigning” gender to even minor children; with of course, ‘parental permission.’  So much for their Hippocratic oath and complicit Moms and Dads receiving the parent of the year award.

“Genderfluid” means that a person’s ‘gender’ is not permanent as over time it can change.  I thought these people were (simply) bisexual.  At least that is what we called them ‘back-in-the-day.’

It is 2022, no one has a problem with the LGBTQIA+ society; as a matter of fact, I believe that it is more accepted now than it was perhaps 50 years ago.   Although [certain] ‘family members’ and friends disagree with my position on the matter, I love her and him just the same.  (Notice how I said “her and him” as opposed to “them” or “they.”)  Nonetheless, we disagreed and suddenly I was bombarded with (what I like to call) “heterosexual slurs,” e.g., “You’re ignorant, you’re a bigot, or, you’re toxic,” and my all-time favorite, you are indicative of “toxic masculinity.” And if you are a white male in his 50’s then you hit the trifecta of all three ‘slurs’ combined.

So, do we, ‘Boomers’ hate Non-binary people?   Of course not.  What we “hate” is the expectation that “binary” people be expected to cater to their “feelings.” As a societal whole, it is uncalled for, forcing folks to address them with pronouns so that they can feel comfortable and safe.

So, what is the answer to all of this hoopla?  Must we bow down to this “trend” whereby having to relearn the English language just to spare their ‘feelings’ or do we go back to basics and just tell them to suck it up and get tough?  I know speaking for myself, I do not think it is my job to make them ‘feel’ comfortable.  And if the LGBTQIA+ community ‘prides’ itself on tolerance, acceptance, and things of that nature, then perhaps when looking for accountability they should gaze into a mirror rather than a telescope. Until then, we can only hope that this “Trend” will fade away faster than cassette tapes did.

Arend Mathijssen, III, Visiting Columnist


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