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“John Eastman” scholarly attorney has been investigated, charged, prosecuted and convicted by Public CORPORATION – State Bar of California

Public Interest Concern:  PUBLIC CORPORATION having a corporate name: The State Bar of California (SBC) has illegally investigated, charged and prosecuted Trump Adviser John Eastman.    (SBC) proceedings against Eastman have been done before an unconstitutional illegal Court. 

Eastman has been Illegally investigated, charged (administratively) and prosecuted by “CORPORATION,” State Bar of California, which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) “Public Corporation?”  

The proceedings before (SBC) are illegal and administrative proceedings only against Eastman, because (SBC) is NOT a real court of law.   The administrative proceedings are done by (SBC), which does NOT have to uphold State or Federal Constitutional laws that protect Eastman and other California Lawyer’s.


The California Constitution admits that the State Bar of California is only a public corporation.   See California Constitution Article 6 Section 9, which  reads in pertinent part: “[t]he State Bar of California is a Public Corporation.” … 


Do you know the State Bar of California has NOT been delegated STATE POLICE PROSECUTORIAL POWERS?  Only the County District Attorney’s Office usually conducts investigations to criminally charge people.  Not a “Public Corporation.”  


“This Court has held that delegations of regulatory power to private parties are impermissible, Carter v. Carter Coal Co., 298 U. S. 238, 311 (1936), it held the delegation to be unconstitutional, 721 F. 3d, at 677.” 


There have NOT been ANY amendments to the California Constitution to allow the public corporation State Bar of California (SBC) to receive prosecutorial or court powers to be recognized as an official “Court of Record,” or a prosecutorial agency similar to a District Attorney’s Office. 


Shame on the State Supreme Court of California for going rogue in delegating your court powers to CORPORATION: The State Bar of California (SBC) . 


It’s time to take back your wrongfully delegated regulatory powers to CORPORATION (SBC) and retain both jurisdiction and regulatory powers over California Lawyer’s.  Failure by the State Supreme Court of California to take back wrongfully delegating powers outside of the California Constitution will continue to cause  imminent public safety dangers to both consumers  and California Lawyer’s. 



WHETHER  the State Bar of California,  has committed  Prosecutorial Misconduct, against Eastman?

California Bar you’re now exposed and no longer permitted to conceal from the public your legendary myth inferring to be a licensing body when in fact only a mere “Public Corporation.”


The State Supreme Court of California nor the State of California can delegate prosecutorial or judicial powers to ANY “Public Corporation,” because “judicial power of this State is vested in the Supreme Court, courts of appeal, and superior courts, all of which are courts of record.”


“[t]his Court has held that delegations of regulatory power to private parties are impermissible, Carter v. Carter Coal Co., 298 U. S. 238, 311 (1936), it held the delegation to be unconstitutional, 721 F. 3d, at 677.   See  Department of Transportation v Association of American Railroads 575 U.S 43 2015 Amtrak

Thus, an abhorrent appearance of “Conflict of Interest” exists between the State Supreme Court of California and the State Bar of California.   The “Conflict of Interest” is problematic because it violates Constitutional Separation of Powers. 

A conflict of interest scheme causes the Supreme Court to run afoul of the Separation of Powers, with (NGO), Public Corporation State Bar of California against Eastman.

Eastman’s own attorneys will NOT challenge the abhorrent constitutional conflict of interest in violation with Separation of  Powers, between the Supreme Court and State Bar of California, are they too will find themselves DISBARRED!

To this end, the State Supreme Court of California, was the only licensing government body that issued  Eastman lawyer’s license to practice law and  hang his lawyer’s license on his wall of fame for public viewing.  


The power of history is in telling the truth:  California 2020 admits spent $134mil Voting Machines outdated beyond repair. 


Note areas highlighted in “purple” click on to read: supportive documents or sources of references.


Prosecutor “Unclean Hands” against Mark Ridley Thomas

Prosecutor Dirty COP “Unclean Hands” Weaponizes Indictment schemes against Mark Ridley Thomas and other American Citizens.  



Prosecutor (Dirty COP) Tracy Wilkison had “Unclean Hands” when she impaneled Grand Juries, filed (FAKE) criminal Indictments and targeted American Citizens:


  •   Mark Ridley Thomas, Former City Council Member of Los Angeles County.  Prosecutor Wilkison impaneled Grand Jury 4/1/2021, filed  (FAKE) Indictment, 10/13/2021, against Thomas.   Mark Ridgley Thomas INDICTMENT
  •  Criminal Docket # cr 2:21-cr-00485-PA  $100,000.00 alleged Bribery, Conspiracy. …  Twenty Counts

Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Statutes “Life In Prison.”  Sentencing August 28, 2023. 


  • Jeff Fortenberry, Former Nebraska Congressman.  Prosecutor Wilkison impaneled Grand Jury 6/1/2021, filed (FAKE) Indictment 10/19/2021, against Fortenberry.


  • Criminal Docket # cr 2:21-cr-00491-SB

        $30,000.00 alleged Foreign Campaign donation received in California.   – Three counts of alleged False Statements to FBI agents.  Federal Mandatory Minimum Statutes- Sentencing 15 years in prison.  Convicted and Sentenced only two years probation with a $25,000 Fine. Fortenberry filed an Appeal, October 29, 2022.


  • Dr. Jeff Moffatt, Former Congressional Candidate- (Retired) Federal Attorney. Prosecutor Wilkison impaneled Grand Jury 6/1/2021, filed  (FAKE) Indictment 7/23/2021, against Moffatt. 

9/3/2021 False and Illegal Arrest against Moffatt.  Criminal Docket # cr 2:21-cr-00335-JAK-1


        $30,000.00 SSA Disabled Attorney Fees Awarded, alleged Five Counts Wire Fraud  and one Count False Statement to SSA.  Series 1 Episode 1: Stay Tuned 

Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Statutes – 105 years in prison.   Trial Scheduled October 24, 2023.


Moffatt Media has conducted Case Studies on several purported Indictments filed against American Citizens.   

Our Findings reveal that Tracy Wilkison, Prosecutor Dirty COP with “Unclean Hands” Weaponized Indictment schemes against American Citizens.  

Unless one is legally trained in Constitutional Law applicable to: (Appointment Clauses and Separation of Powers …), such (FAKE) Indictment schemes induced by Wilkison, Prosecutor-Dirty COP, would have gone unnoticed. 


(FAKE) Indictments against:  Thomas, Fortenberry and Moffatt:

1).  Wilkison was NOT constitutionally seated as a United States Attorney for the Central District of California, at the time when Wilkison filed the Indictments against all (3) American Citizens: Thomas, Fortenberry and Moffatt;

2).  Wilkison did NOT even affix her own signature onto ANY of the (3) (FAKE) Indictments, to make the Indictments as legally binding criminal charging documents, against all (3) American Citizens listed above;

3).  According to the United States Department of Justice, (DOJ),  even admitted in a Freedom of Information Act Request response, that Wilkison, had NOT been Appointed as a United States Attorney for the Central District of California;

4).  Wilkison when Impaneled Grand Juries and submitted the (FAKE) Indictments before the Court, against all (3) American Citizens listed above, Wilkison, had not received ANY Presidential inherent power “Nomination,” from Former President Trump or  President Biden, as a United States Attorney and Wilkison had NOT been Senate Confirmed.

5).  November 16, 2021, Merrick Garland, United States Attorney General, for DOJ, Appointed Tracy Wilkison as the Interim (Acting Officer) United States Attorney for the Central District of California. 

Wilkison filled the vacant seat that was previously held by Nicola Hanna, United States Attorney – Central District.  Hanna did receive a Presidential Nomination by Former President Trump and was Senate Confirmed, as a United States Attorney. 

6).  Wilkison even failed to indicate on the (FAKE) Indictments against all three (3) American Citizens: Thomas, Fortenberry and Moffatt, what Federal agency was her employer, having jurisdiction on the alleged Indictments; and 

7).  July 2022, Wilkison (RESIGNED) from the US DOJ and entirely from the Federal government sector.  It is suspected that Wilkison’s resignation was prompted due to violating the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1988 (Vacancies Act).  5 U.S. Code Section 3348.  …

Tracy Wilkison, Prosecutor who became a Dirty COP and committed acts of Prosecutorial Misconduct, developed schemes to undermine our criminal justice system.   

Wilkison conspired and targeted American Citizens by filing (FAKE)  fraudulent Indictments into the United States District Court – Central District of California.   

Keeping in mind, not one of the above listed three (3) American Citizens have committed ANY violent offenses against the United States of America or violent offenses against ANY persons defined as victims.    

Consequently, the Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Statutes of One-Size-Fits-All, lopsided Federal laws, all three (3) American Citizens, are facing a two-tiered unequal justice system, that will significantly adversely impact their lives, with the loss of livelihoods, costly college degrees down the toilets, loss of life, liberty and freedoms on alleged non-violent offenses and (FAKE) Indictments, how UnAmerican. 

Even all three (3) American Citizens, their families, friends and supporters’ lives they too will be shattered unless the (FAKE) INDICTMENTS are promptly investigated and summarily dismissed by the United States District Court – Central District of California, because Wilkison was NOT constitutionally seated, and committed illegal Indictment schemes not in accordance with Federal laws.  


Did you know Federal District Court Judge’s hands are usually tied when Sentencing under Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Statutes?

To this end, unless United We Stand against the Unconstitutional (FAKE) Fraudulent Indictments against all three (3) American Citizens, listed above, they will face unjust Court Lynchings, by the United States of America, based on Wilkison Prosecutor- Dirty COP, (FAKE) Indictments and Grand Jury Schemes.

Alert:  You could be next facing a (FAKE) Indictment, because Weaponization against American Citizens does not discriminate!  

Share this Real Talk- Real Fact Story, in front of three (3) persuadable people that you know, because it’s NOT about whether one is Republican or Democrat, it is about doing the right thing to expose unjust and lopsided  Federal laws in America. 

It is also about exposing Tracy Wilkison, United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Dirty COP, who has stained the fabric of good COP’s!


Abe Hamadeh’s request for New Trial denied by “TERMED OUT” Arizona Judge Lee F. Jantzen

(Short Press Release)

Did you know that purported Judge Lee F. Jantzen is NOT constitutionally seated?  Jantzen TERMED OUT 2019.

Decisions and Orders issued by Judge Jantzen in the matter of Abe Hamadeh’s Election Contest are INVALID.

Moffatt Media’s Findings reveal Jan Brewer, Governor in 2009 was the first and last governor to Appoint Jantzen.

Jantzen did win his judicial seat unopposed in years: 2010 and 2014.

But Decisions and Orders issued now by Jantzen in Abe Hamadeh’s Election Contest are NOT VALID.  For these reasons should grant Hamadeh with a New Trial as requested and reassignment with a judge that is constitutionally seated.

Jantzen TERMED OUT means Jantzen is also operating from the bench on an expired “Loyalty Oath of Office.”  TERMED OUT and without a valid Loyalty Oath Decisions and orders are completely void.


Attorney’s for Hamadeh more than likely will NOT raise the issue that purported Judge Jantzen is not constitutionally seated on the Mohave County Superior Court.

Even decisions and orders issued by Jantzen will probably NOT be constitutionally challenged as Void Ab Initio, because Attorney’s for Hamadeh, they too are defined as Court Officers.

Attorney’s also known as Court Officers especially in Arizona have lost their First Amendment Freedom of Speech Constitutional Protective Rights and if they advocate too much for their clients, will find themselves being disbarred, loss of their livelihoods and criminally charged sui generis by Union NGO Non-profit Corporation, that has been wrongfully delegated state prosecutorial and investigatory law enforcement powers.


Arizonians supporting Hamadeh “Take Action Now” by submitting Demand Letters to the Arizona House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, to remove purported Judge Jantzen.  

Along with Demand intervention by the Judiciary Committee to implement a New Trial for Hamadeh, since purported Judge Jantzen is illegally seated since 2019. 



Person impersonating law enforcement dead under COVID-19 Mask Mandate – three other persons wrongfully convicted

Cynthia Walker speaking out on her four family members “Unequal Justice” by Michigan Court.

Click here to Listen

“Three of my family members were jailed in 2020 and they didn’t even receive a Trial until October 2022.   

Mandatory Michigan mask-wearing mandates due to COVID 19 infections imposed by Governor Whitmer who relied on Dr. Fauci.

I stand firm that my family members were wrongfully accused, maliciously prosecuted and convicted for 25 years Without the Possibility of Parole, for a matter involving self-defense with a person impersonating being a law enforcement security guard.

Also Court Ordered Fines $919.20, does not make ANY commonsense.  The court ordered fines of $919.20 does not match the criminal punishment imposed of “Life in Prison without the Possibility of Parole,” against my family member Larry Teague.  

Judge Brian Pickell has sealed the video that would exonerate all my family members and I am wondering what is there to hide?  

Our Un-American True Story begins: 

My family members suffered wrongful convictions in the Death of an individual who was impersonating a law enforcement security guard. 

The fourth family member took a Plea Agreement, in lieu of prison, so that she would not be separated from her minor children.   Instead the Michigan State prosecutor still separated this family member from her own children.  

This family member even though not behind actual prison bars, it is the invisible prison bars that torment her mind on a daily basis.  Because the judge also issued an unlawful No-Contact Order, prohibiting her from even speaking with her own parents and Brother who are wrongfully in prison.   

Governor Whitmer’s  COVID-19 mask mandate provided an opportunity for the opportunistic officials of Michigan, to fraudulently arrest and convict anyone that opposed wearing paper Mask.

The death of a purported security guard and three criminal convictions surround fraudulent Mask Mandates imposed by Michigan.  The Mask Mandates were a perfect political opportunity, in a season of Elections.    The scientific logic of a paper-cloth mask was absent, other than the premise that people would feel more protected.

Amazingly enough, in an attempt to cover up the NIH funding of illegal testing of a virus and entire staff back up the animal transmission theory; no animal to human transmission has ever been found.

My niece Sharmel Teague began to enter the Family Dollar store in Flint Michigan, with a Mask on.  The Greeter (later found not to be an actual security guard), became verbally abusive, harassing and degrading Sharmel while her daughter Brya was waiting outside of the store.

Brya the daughter never attempted to enter the store, nor was she ever in the store, as reported by PROSECUTOR David Leyton.

The son (Ramonyea) who has been licensed by the GENESEE COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT, after completing training, comes to the store and asks one clerk if she witnessed or knew who had assaulted his mother. The Store Clerk said no, but to ask someone else.   (Ramonyea) does not know who the perpetrator is or if he works there or was a customer, that’s why he asked the Store Clerk.  

The law enforcement Security Guard Impersonator was unlawfully carrying a weapon, and violating store policy being a felon in the possession of a weapon.   

The security guard impersonator had ties with Bryant Nolden, Commissioner, who is now deceased.  

But Bryant Nolden had a change of heart and told me that the deceased security guard impersonator was not in fact a licensed security guard and then Nolden came up dead!

Also the law enforcement impersonator  was unlawfully carrying a 38 caliber pistol. (Ramonyea) the son was never aware that the impersonator was the perpetrator who had attacked his mother. (Ramonyea) said his main objective was to determine if anyone had knowledge of the assault against his Mom and if so, identify the perpetrators.

In the midst of investigating (Ramonyea) was interrupted by a familiar voice yelling who hit my wife, who put their hands on my wife and simultaneously observed two men exit a room.    Ramonyea’ observation and training from the Sheriff’s kicked-in.

(Ramonyea) observed two men approaching his dad and one was fumbling in his pocket.   It is no longer about who assaulted his mother and once he saw one man remove a gun out of his pocket as he neared his dad, who was frantically yelling: “who hit my wife,” Ramonyea, tactically worked his way to the scene and shot the Family Dollar Security Guard impersonator (Greeter), in fear for his dad’s life, to defend and protect his father.  What any loving son would do to protect his father.

Ramonyea’ father was unaware that his life was in danger, until the security guard impersonator was shot and the gun fell out of his hand after being shot.

The Security camera video footage will show my family members innocence, but defense counsel and the Michigan state prosecutors will not provide me a copy of incident surveillance video footage.   Judge Pickell has also sealed the Video without justification.

True there does exist within the United States a two tiered system, when a State, Court and its elected officials can fabricate a case and violate all of your constitutional rights knowingly and willingly, with no repercussions. Time for Court Accountability.”



Whether the purported Michigan Sentencing Judge Brian S. Pickell has a valid “Oath of Office?

 Stay tuned for Part 2


United States Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation Ordered before the Court on Freedom of Information Act request

United States Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation Ordered before the Court on Freedom of Information Act request

  • Both the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are ordered to answer before the Court on July 13, 2023, for Oral Arguments; and
  • Oral Arguments  relates to Tony Viola’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request


CLEVELAND, OHIO – FreeTonyViola.com announced that The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ordered oral arguments on Thursday, July 13 at 10 AM, following the submission of a legal brief by the Yale Law School Appellate Clinic in litigation concerning missing evidence, voice recordings made by Dawn Pasela.

Documents shifted from the US Attorney’s Office in Cleveland to a multi-jurisdictional Task Force location before criminal trials, Viola v. Department of Justice, et. al., case # 22-2186. The Court will live-stream these oral arguments on its YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLSXp4JMYiFc7BHD_ln3d-w.

After the arguments, the audio will be posted at: https://www.ca3.uscourts.gov/oral-argument-recordings.

Tony Viola was tried twice on identical charges by a federally funded Mortgage Fraud Task Force on allegations he duped banks, including JP Morgan Chase, into making ‘no money down’ mortgage loans.

Following a conviction in federal court, Tony proved his innocence at a second trial in state court, on identical charges, prosecuted by the same prosecution team, using evidence prosecutors said didn’t exist, but that was given to Viola by the Task Force’s Office Manager, Dawn Pasela. 

Ms. Pasela offered to testify about prosecutorial misconduct, but was found dead in her apartment shortly after her scheduled testimony, but no investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death has ever taken place.

This public records litigation was initiated in 2015 to obtain proof that federal prosecutors possessed exculpatory evidence before Viola’s first trial, shifted those materials to a federally funded and staffed Task Force location, then claimed that the government was not obligated to search for records it placed there.  

During this litigation, both the Justice Department and the FBI each admitted making false statements about evidence and records, then asked the lower court to vacate earlier rulings in the government’s failure.

In 2022, Task Force Chairman Donald Cleland stated under oath that he directed Ms. Pasela to remove hard drives from the Task Force that contained evidence in over 1,000 criminal cases and later went missing.

Also, in 2022, the Justice Department blamed former federal prosecutor Mark Bennett for false statements about evidence.  Bennett was fired by the Justice Department and is currently undergoing disbarment proceedings, Disciplinary Counsel v, Bennett, case number 2022-034; DOJ Inspector General Report Number 21-005.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, kindly contact: Attorney David Roth, 203.498.4394 | [email protected] www.law.yale.edu or Tony Viola, 330-998-3290    [email protected]




Non-binary Trend – Humor

Sometimes “Moffatt Media” needs to have a little humor.

So let’s begin:

The peer pressures we encounter as children and adults, and the expectations society as a whole place on us is enough to endure. Then along comes the Non-binary trend. That is what I call it, “The Non-binary trend.” It does seem like a trend because although gays and lesbians have been around since the dawn of time it was not, in-our-faces.   

It was not forced on people back then as it is today.  So, what gives? Why all of the fuss?  Why is the LGBTQIA+ society so hell bent on acceptance, haven’t people already accepted them for who they are? 

I say it is a ‘trend’ because that is exactly what trends are: they come and then they go, just like the ugly brown corduroy jeans did in the 70’s, the novelty wore off.

I am not attacking the LGBTQIA+ society as a whole, actually, I am trying to understand it. Nevertheless, the world is changing and people everywhere are demanding conformity.  But where is the ‘line in the sand’ drawn?  How do we, who do not understand the uttering of pronouns, acclimate to this paradigm?  It is all too confusing. “Them, They, Their,” compared to ‘He’ and ‘She’ or ‘Her’ and ‘Him’ etc., is again, confusing. And with ‘confusion,’ chaos ensues; and it is apparent the world is in chaos. 

Diving down the rabbit hole of confusion I have made a few discoveries regarding Non-binary.  I have learned that Non-binary is not a catch-all phrase for each ‘gender preference’ of LGBTQIA+ folks.   For example, the word “gender” comes to mind, and frankly, I have my own version of what (I think) ‘gender’ means but, it widely conflicts with what it means to most of the LGBTQIA+ folks.

There is information on the internet that explain the “Non-binary.” I thought Non-binary was a catch-all phrase for males and females whom do not fit the in the (male/female) binary. E.g., I learned that “Non-binary” and “genderfluid” are not the same thing, nor are they mutually exclusive.

Then we have the transgender folks: Apparently, “transgender” is the umbrella word for people who do not ‘identify’ with the gender that was ‘assigned’ to them at birth.  Myself, I would think that a persons’ ‘gender’ is God Given.  Or, in case you are an atheist then one might say that your ‘gender’ was ‘universe given.’  Either way, genders are not ‘assigned’ I mean really, by whom, a doctor?  Well, there are current stories circulating now of [actual] doctors that ARE “assigning” gender to even minor children; with of course, ‘parental permission.’  So much for their Hippocratic oath and complicit Moms and Dads receiving the parent of the year award.

“Genderfluid” means that a person’s ‘gender’ is not permanent as over time it can change.  I thought these people were (simply) bisexual.  At least that is what we called them ‘back-in-the-day.’

It is 2022, no one has a problem with the LGBTQIA+ society; as a matter of fact, I believe that it is more accepted now than it was perhaps 50 years ago.   Although [certain] ‘family members’ and friends disagree with my position on the matter, I love her and him just the same.  (Notice how I said “her and him” as opposed to “them” or “they.”)  Nonetheless, we disagreed and suddenly I was bombarded with (what I like to call) “heterosexual slurs,” e.g., “You’re ignorant, you’re a bigot, or, you’re toxic,” and my all-time favorite, you are indicative of “toxic masculinity.” And if you are a white male in his 50’s then you hit the trifecta of all three ‘slurs’ combined.

So, do we, ‘Boomers’ hate Non-binary people?   Of course not.  What we “hate” is the expectation that “binary” people be expected to cater to their “feelings.” As a societal whole, it is uncalled for, forcing folks to address them with pronouns so that they can feel comfortable and safe.

So, what is the answer to all of this hoopla?  Must we bow down to this “trend” whereby having to relearn the English language just to spare their ‘feelings’ or do we go back to basics and just tell them to suck it up and get tough?  I know speaking for myself, I do not think it is my job to make them ‘feel’ comfortable.  And if the LGBTQIA+ community ‘prides’ itself on tolerance, acceptance, and things of that nature, then perhaps when looking for accountability they should gaze into a mirror rather than a telescope. Until then, we can only hope that this “Trend” will fade away faster than cassette tapes did.

Arend Mathijssen, III, Visiting Columnist


Prosecutorial Misconduct – Rally for Justice June 27, 2023

FreeTonyViola.com announced that, on the eve of Ohio Supreme Court disbarment proceedings against former federal Prosecutor Mark Bennett, a Rally for Justice will be held outside the Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday, June 27, 5-7 PM, 65 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43215. 

In 2020, Mark Bennett was fired by the Justice Department for serious misconduct and criminal activities and is currently undergoing disbarment proceedings, Disciplinary Counsel v, Bennett, case number 2022-034; Department of Justice Inspector General Report Number 21-005, Ohio Supreme Court Case Number 2023-0471.  A hearing about Bennett’s pending disbarment will be held the morning of June 28 and will be live streamed by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Ohio Channel. …

In addition to the Inspector General Investigation, The FBI and Justice Department also blamed Mark Bennett for making material misrepresentations about evidence in the criminal case of Anthony Viola, Viola v. U.S. Department of Justice, et. al., 15-cv-242, WD Pa, document numbers 99 and 164.  Viola was exonerated at a subsequent criminal trial but spent a decade in prison.  Yale University Law School represents Anthony Viola in a case where Bennett concealed an affair between Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris and government witness Kathryn Clover, used Clover’s perjured testimony in criminal cases, and shifted exculpatory evidence before Viola’s first trial from the US Attorney’s Office to a multi-jurisdictional task force location, Viola v. Department of Justice, et. al., case number 22-2186, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. …

Tony Viola says what he hopes that others will learn from his website FreeTonyViola.com, is to shine a bright spotlight on the win at all costs’ tactics, prosecutorial overreach and misconduct the United States Department of Justice employs when prosecuting American citizens.


Prosecutor John A. Stephens has done the Right thing –dismissed Felony Aggravated Perjury criminal charge against Connie Reguli

Connie Reguli has been exonerated in the alleged Felony Aggravated Perjury case, Docket#W-CR-220457, that was originally filed August 12, 2022, by Kim Helper, (Deceased) District Attorney General 19th Judicial District, State of Tennessee.

Stephens, Assistant District Attorney (Prosecutor) on June 14, 2023, did the right thing and has determined lack of evidence on the state’s part.    The State of Tennessee moved for what is called: “Order of Nolle Prosequi” to mean – “the prosecutor will drop the criminal indictment,” against Reguli.  

According to Reguli, the second arrest, as well as the first arrest has been an assault on my First Amendment Constitutional Protections …  The second arrest criminal charge, “Aggravated Perjury,” was without providing a copy of the Grand Jury Indictment filed against me, says Reguli.

After the Motion for a New Trial was denied, Judge Woodruff was ready for his next offensive tactical move. 

Judge Woodruff turned himself into an investigator after a public records hearing in April 2022, and secretly wrote a letter to an executive director of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) at the time.  Judge Woodruff said in the letter that Reguli had testified that she had paid an attorney fee sanction from a decade past, and he wanted to know if she was telling the truth. 

Findings reveal the secret letter was not sent to Reguli nor was it filed with the Court Clerk.  A few weeks later, CASA director Layton would sign an affidavit that she had reviewed the “regularly maintained business records” of CASA and there was no record of payment by Reguli.  This affidavit, although written with the caption of the public records case, was not sent to Reguli, nor was it filed with the clerk. 

August 8, 2022, just five days after the newly assigned judge in the criminal court case failed to incarcerate Reguli after a motion hearing, Judge Woodruff and District Attorney Kim Helper presented a brand new felony to the Williamson County Grand Jury.  This time Reguli was charged with Aggravated Perjury, a new felony charge claiming that she falsely stated she had satisfied the prior sanction.  The Grand Jury indicted Reguli on the affidavit of CASA director Layton. 

Another new judge was appointed to hear this case.  Reguli had the District Attorney Kim Helper disqualified and the Montgomery County (Clarksville) District Attorney’s office took the case. 

This time Reguli issued a subpoena for CASA to produce all the regularly maintained business records reviewed by E. Layton along with records showing a request for payment, accounts receivable ledgers showing an outstanding balance, and policies on receiving mail.  CASA hired an attorney to oppose the motion claiming that if there was record of that payment, Reguli would be in a better place to produce the record.

However, criminal defendants, such as Reguli, don’t have to prove anything.  The burden of proof is always on the State prosecutor to make their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  The element that the State of Tennessee must prove is not, did Reguli make the payment, but did Reguli lie about making a payment.  The State must prove a negative and cannot require Reguli to do anything. 

Judge Morgan agreed with Reguli and explained that as he saw it, the affidavit of E. Layton made all of the business records that she reviewed relevant and met all of the other criteria of a discovery subpoena in a criminal case.  The CASA attorney, Mike Stephens,  said that he would have to locate Layton, who no longer works for CASA to find out what she reviewed.  The State’s attorney, John Stephens, said that he was not limited to the witnesses listed on the indictment and may try to obtain other witnesses. 

District Attorney John Stephens has struggled to make sense of his trial strategy being left with this impractical and impossible prosecution.  In January of this year, he told Judge Morgan that he was going to subpoena ten years of Reguli’s bank records.  That didn’t happen.  In February, he then told Judge Morgan he was going to subpoena ten years of CASA’s bank records.  His deadline for discovery disclosure is May 31, 2023.  Reguli had not received any notice of a subpoena for bank records, nor has the district attorney produced them for review.  His insurmountable task is to prove a negative. 

The judge’s order directing CASA to produce the regularly maintained business records of CASA is a big win for Reguli as a criminal defendant and may shine a light on the ridiculousness of this indictment. 

Now Reguli’s final big win on June 14, 2023, was to have the State fold due to lack of evidence and Stephens, Assistant District Attorney who did the right thing by dismissing the Indictment against Reguli, for lack of evidence.

Maybe it’s time for “Moffatt Media” to create a “Prosecutor Wall of Fame,” for those prosecutors who do the right thing!




Court Law Clerk says happy Trump Indicted

Why am I so happy and content that Trump has been indicted in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida? 

I think it goes a long way to proving how false and prejudicial the “justice system” really is.

I am happy because I think Donald J. Trump is in good company (namely me) and so am I (in good company, namely Trump).   Remember the saying “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns?”

Well, how about extending that a little bit more broadly: “when being a good, normal, freeman is outlawed, only outlaws will be good and normal freeman.”   I feel vindicated in my life.  On December 7, 1999, I was indicted and felt it ruined my life.  I never did a split second of jail time for that indictment, but it did ruin my career.  But it was all political HOT AIR.

I am now no less competent to run for President than the best President of recent memory, possibly the freest and most normal, uncompromised President since JFK (and, of course, JFK was SOOO inconvenient that they shot him—to replace him by one of the worst and most detested Presidents ever, namely LBJ).  No, I’m not a saint, neither is Donald John Trump, neither was JFK.  All three of us are/were oversexed womanizers with deep-seated disrespect for social norms and “the powers that be.”

And now, on June 9, 2023, Trump finds himself indicted in the Court where I was a judicial law clerk thirty years ago when his bankruptcy was the first case that came across my desk.  The American Criminal Justice System is really and truly criminal.  But in all other ways it betrays its name: it is UNAmerican, INjust, and “systematic” only in its betrayal of the constitution and all concepts of equity and fairness.

Donald John Trump: welcome to the real American Heart of Darkness.  

Since you would not give up your quest to make America Great Again, even though you and I may not agree about exactly what it takes to Make America Great Again, they have set out to destroy you, just as they did me back in 1999.

You were a rising star then in 1999—I was cut off before I turned 40.

But this is the real purpose of the American Criminal Justice System: to shut down our people and to destroy America once and for all!

God Bless and Save you, Donald John Trump!  You and all other righteous men and women who find themselves in the cross-hairs of the American Criminal Justice System.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III, Visiting Columnist with “Moffatt Media”


Birthday Tribute Jerry Bryant O’Neil Montana Senator Great American – Great Advocate for the People

Tribute and honor to Jerry Bryant O’Neil on this special day (May 10, 2023), of his 80th birthday.

In pop culture, cartoons and movies, superheroes do impossible things.  Superman is an extra-terrestrial humanoid who has x-ray vision, can fly and crush steel.  Batman is a human millionaire who uses his wealth and scientific expertise with technology to create phenomenal instruments, vehicles, and gadgets which permit him to do most of what Superman can do.

Hero, Jerry Bryant O’Neil, who turns 80 today is a man who has used the mechanics of the legal and political system to do things that are possible, but almost no one ever does them.  Jerry is a superhero of the possible, in the greatest American tradition.  As an advocate and counselor, Jerry’s independent, individualistic, middle-class American heroism embodies the aurea mediocritas, the golden mean.  As a politician, Jerry served like the ancient Roman Senators Cicero and Cincinnatus, of the people and for the people.

During Jerry’s first divorce, and child custody struggle, Jerry was frustrated by lying, thieving, incompetent lawyers.  So, without any legal education or training, without ever having worked for a lawyer, Jerry represented himself, prepared his own trial briefs and notebooks, called his own witnesses, some 40 years ago Jerry took on the attorneys for his estranged wife and the Roman Catholic Church in Idaho.

Jerry alleged that they had fractured his family and stolen his children by pretext of religious education and alienation of affections.  Jerry won for himself and his children a million-dollar jury verdict on his own, and provided for his children’s education, not to mention gave them the invaluable gift of disciplined minds and intellectual freedom.

Ever since that first astounding victory, Jerry has worked to liberate law from the lawyers.  The state-bar monopoly, known as “the integrated bar,” is the most anti-American, un-Republican, and anti-Democratic institutions regulating every aspect of first, fifth, and ninth amendment freedoms to speck, associate, and petition for due process and the reservation of rights and powers of the people.

Jerry O’Neil, although a blonde-haired blue-eyed mixed Germanic Irishman by blood and birth, had grown up with and among the Native American people, the Indians of Montana and first the Blackfeet and then the Salish and Kootenai tribes made him a tribal advocate and counselor.  This is close to unheard of, and Jerry remains a member of the Black Feet Tribal Attorney Bar to this day.

And with this platform of accomplishments, in Y2K, the year 2000, Jerry was elected to the Montana Senate, where he served until 2008, after which time Jerry was “timed out” (the greatest argument against term limits I have ever known) and then served in the Montana House.  Jerry won four elections and served the people of Montana, tirelessly fighting the Bar Monopoly and advocating for free competition of ideas and talent in the Courts.

Perhaps Jerry’s most significant and crowning achievement came in 2010 when the State of Montana Commission on the Unauthorized Practice of Law (“COUPL”) attempted to prosecute him for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices by engaging in the Unauthorized Practice of Law.

The United States Federal Trade Commission intervened in 2009 on Jerry’s behalf and objected to the enforcement of illegal monopolistic laws against him, by attempting to restrict his advertising and involvement on behalf of ordinary people who couldn’t afford or didn’t want state-bar lawyers.

Then on April 20, 2010, the Supreme Court of Montana, in Case No. AF 09-0068, entered an order DISSOLVE THE COMMISSION ON THE UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW, on the exact grounds that Jerry had advocated and the FTC supported, namely that it was impossible constitutionally to define the practice of law and that it was beyond the power of the Supreme Court to forbid the unauthorized practice of that which it could not define.

The practice of law encompasses little less than ever aspect and the full range of modern human social and political life.  Every event and transformation in our existence from birth to death today requires legal definition and has legal implications.

Within the context of the American Democratic-Republic, law is life.  Jerry has dedicated his life to the concept that an elite profession should control the application, construction, and interpretation of law to every aspect of human experience.

We invite family members, friends and everyone who reads this to share Jerry’s 80 years of extraordinary societal achievements and celebrate his extraordinary mind with Moffatt Media today.

In Honor of Jerry Bryant O’Neil, let’s work together in tearing down attorney bars to freedom of association, freedom to petition, freedom to speak out, and above all to preserve all rights, without monopoly or exclusion, to the people.  ~ Charles Edward Lincoln, III