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Brnovich says Vaccine Mandates “Unconstitutional” Hypocrite?

Moffatt Media Arizona Attorney General BRNOVICH

Mark Brnovich said on Fox News in part moments ago: “Vaccine Mandates” are unconstitutional.”  

Moffatt Media Arizona Attorney General BRNOVICH


However, YOU Bronovich have turned a blind eye to an “unconstitutionally seated judge” seated on the Supreme Court bench from (2010-2021).   The same “Unconstitutionally Seated Judge William J. O’Neil that adversely impacted constitutional rights of thousands of Arizona Lawyer’s.

Hopefully, the people will see your appearance on Fox News as nothing more than political rhetoric since now seeking a U.S. Senate seat.

“Punk you to get your Vote”

Why do you let career politicians claim they will represent you and then “Punk You to get Your Vote?” Yet when “We the People” need real life solutions they (career politicians) are no where to be found!

2022 Elections are just around the corner. Time to remember and “VOTE OUT” career politicians who do not put your real life issues first.

“Vote Out” the same career politicians who make nothing more than false promises in order to get your vote. It’s Time! ~ Star Moffatt

“Leaked” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Incident Report



There is a fundamental injustice to everyone including the Sheriff’s Office when an Exempted Sheriff’s “Incident Report” is prohibited from disclosure and intentionally “Leaked.” ~ Star Moffatt

Status Update: July 9, 2021, Friday, 8:59am
“Leaked” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s False Incident Report dated November 3, 2017 – Reveals White Woman used words of incitement “claimed attacked by two Black Males” – Choked one day, next day Assaulted with a Deadly, however, where’s the weapon?